Auto Museum

Showroom of Classy Vintage Cars

What began as a passion for classic and hot rod cars soon became an incredible showroom filled with vintage cars and memorabilia.

The AER Auto Museum is located in a 12,000-square-foot showroom in Carrollton, Texas, at the company’s corporate headquarters. The museum features a large number of cars and trucks, each with descriptive informational signs. The cars are waxed to perfection, and those with raised hoods reveal engines that shine with the care that has been bestowed upon them.

The backdrop for the vintage-cars display is a 360-degree life-size mural that took two years to complete. Artist Duke Horn painted the mural from 1994 to 1996. Using monochromatic black, white and red paint, the artist draws viewers in with endearing scenes of days gone by. The mural depicts famous and familiar scenes that correspond with the wall’s location, such as the Dallas skyline on the east wall, and Fort Worth on the west, with numerous classic cars, hot rods and motorcycles throughout.

The AER Mural

Among the murals features:

To add to the museums ambiance is antique memorabilia, such as:

In addition, an area designated as Café AER is used for parties, luncheons and meetings.

Although the Auto Museum is not open to the public, AER customers are encouraged to visit and tour.

Auto Museum Gallery