Company History

Henry Ford Approved

Rich in history and tradition, AER Manufacturing began operations in the early 1940s in the back of a local automobile dealership in Texas.

With limited steel and iron supplies, and the country and production lines focused on World War II, Henry Ford sought ways to keep the automobile industry alive, and cars and trucks running at home.

Ford contracted trusted suppliers who could recycle and remanufacture crucial parts to Ford Motor Co. specifications.

As a result, AER became one of the first Ford Authorized Engine Remanufacturers in the country.

Three Generations of Quality and Excellence

Under the leadership of Gordon McGraw, AER became the leader in remanufacturing and reassembling engines. He established AER’s continuing tradition of excellence, planning the growth of the company to provide a wide range of engine components and engine assemblies.

Bob McGraw took over leadership of the company in 1974, and he continues to build his legacy today. Under Bob’s direction, AER has achieved decades of impressive growth by the continued investment is state of the art manufacturing equipment.

AER’s long-standing reputation for stability, quality and financial strength has flourished.

Today, Bob’s sons, Matt and Robert McGraw now lead this third generation family business to continue AER’s rich tradition of quality products and exceptional service.

AER Flexes its Muscles

With Bob at the helm, AER became the sole provider of OEM Engines to Ford Motor Company.  AER also provides, or has provided OEM Engines to General Motors, Chrysler, Nissan, Subaru, Volvo, Land Rover, and Mazda.

The Sales Company has grown from its humble Texas roots, and has expanded through decades of acquisitions to 18 locations.  Our product offerings include Ford Powertrain, Chrysler Powertrain, and OEM Tires.  Our total sales force has grown to 65 strong, and we have a presence coast to coast.

The timeline below illustrates the key chronological events.



World War II Begins.


Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.  The US enters World War II.


Henry Ford authorizes select dealerships to remanufacture engines and components. One of the first dealerships chosen was Mahr Ford in Dallas, Texas.


Germany surrenders, and World War II is over.


Reman operations moved from Mahr Ford to an outside facility, and became known as Authorized Engine Rebuilders.


Gordon McGraw joins the company.


Color TV introduced.


The Ben Griffin Family purchased the business and appointed Gordon McGraw as President.


Bob McGraw (14) starts working summers at the company.


Berlin Wall erected in Germany.


Authorized Engine Rebuilders becomes AER.


JFK assassinated in Dallas, TX


Man lands on the Moon.


After 7 years in the United States Air Force, Bob McGraw returns to the company.


US pulls out of Vietnam.


Gordon McGraw purchases the Reman Operation from the Ben Griffin Estate. Gordon passes 6 months later, and Bob McGraw becomes President.


Land at Midway – Wiley Post in Carrollton, Texas, is purchased. At this time, Carrollton, Texas, was almost entirely comprised of prairie land.


Construction commences on 70,000 sq. ft. Wiley Post Engine Plant.


Production commences at Wiley Post.  20,000 sq. ft. is added.


Company purchases 1st CNC Mori Seki Machining Center.


AER purchases 3325 A and B Wiley Post. Reman of small parts and sales moves into these buildings. GM contracts AER to build the Mark 4.


Berlin Wall falls.


In Carrollton, Texas, AER purchases 1605 Surveyor, and renovates the building.  This becomes the Corporate Headquarters and the Dallas Sales Warehouse.


Land is purchased at Chenault and 50,000 sq. ft. Engine Plant is built.
Nissan Program is launched.


AER starts distributing Motorcraft.
New remote warehouses are constructed.
Matt McGraw joins the company.


“Ford Accessories and Glass” Pilot Programs launch.


Ford 3.8L recall hits.  80,000 engines will be built for the program in just 3 years.


1900 and 2004 Chenault are purchased.
Distribution is expanded through Hesco acquisition (New Jersey).


Portland and Spokane market areas are purchased.
AER adds Junker.
Robert McGraw joins the Company.


Manufacturing company purchases 3 CNC Gehring Hones, from Ford.


AER begins distributing Continental and Pirelli Tires. Installed an Eaton eddy current dynamometer to live run engines and perform in house durability and quality testing.


AER acquires Snow Brothers Distribution in Chicago.
AER acquires Universal (Des Moines, Omaha and Peoria).
AER consolidates Chicago and Peoria distributions into Joliet, IL.


AER begins distributing Yokohoma Tires.


AER acquires Consolidated (Kansas City).
AER acquires Mendenall (St Louis).


AER acquires part of Revivas Distribution (Minneapolis and Milwaukee).


AER becomes 1 of 7 Ford Authorized Distributors of Accessories.
AER adds Junker II.
AER gets the contract for the 6.7L Ford Diesel.
“Ford/Carlex Glass” Program added.


AER adds Bridgestone Line.


AER acquires distribution in San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Hawaii from Tracy Industries.
AER acquires Nationwide Chrysler Distribution from Tracy Industries, and partners with Fred Jones Enterprises in sales and distribution.


AER Manufacturing company adds Flame Spray.